Khor Fakkan Tour - "The Creek of Two Jaws"

Khor Fakkan is a dominant locale of the Emirate of Sharjah, which is in and out paradise on Earth. Ocean parks, Khor Fakkan mountain ranges, old palaces, showings, and madrassas have large amounts of Khor Fakkan for you to seek all through your Khor Fakkan Tour. Try not to pass up seeing the vital Al Wurrayah Falls with Khor Fakkan Waterfalls and Shark Coastline in KhorFakkan.

A beachside layout of Khor Fakkan has begun bringing many outside sports trends and sandcastle carvings to the shoreline. Tourist Attractions in Khor Fakkan are likewise the second-biggest port town on the UAE’s eastern side, following just Fujairah. The city even has its brilliant regular harbor, which is one of the most famous Places to Visit in Khor Fakkan. KhorFakkan is yet a delivery lines port on the planet.

Tourist Attractions in Khor Fakkan, this same town is a huge port city that sits on the beautiful Bay of Khor Fakkan. The KhorFakkan has a quiet charm, coconut palms, immaculate sand, and little farms are some of the things to do in Khor Al Fakkan. Al Khor Fakkan has less to give guests because of the preclusion on liquor. It does, all things deemed, have plenty of family-friendly travelers ends with us now.

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Pick & Drop, Shees Park, Al Rafisah Dam, khor Fakhan beach, Rome Amphitheatre, Khor Fakhan Fish Market, Al Rabi Tower.

Things to Do At Khor Fakkan Tour

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Khor Fakkan Tour Details

Ocean waters Guesthouse Khorfakkan Eateries

• Al Murjan – International Restaurant
• Cafe Oceanic – Hot chocolate, snack foods, baked goods, and so on
• The Ocean Wok – China Meals
• Al Diwan – Cappuccino, snack foods, baked goods, and so on
Raynor Resort Apartments
The Raynor Hotel Apartment buildings are approximately 15 mins max’ driving force from the beach. Hotel management is aimed at providing a marvelous experience for visitors, thanks to a customer-oriented society. All through lunch and dinner, there is an in-house meal.
• Rebou Steakhouse – Lebanese Restaurant
• Majestic Cafe – Indian Restaurant
• New Calicut Restaurant – Indian Restaurant

Best Times to Visit Khor Fakkan

The months of November to April are ideal for visiting Khor Fakkan. Khor Fakkan’s climate is usually pleasant during the daytime, with cool nights and dry conditions. (Average temps range from 18 to 30 °C (64 to 86 °F).
From January to March, this same area receives slight rain and tropical cyclones. From May to September, Khor Fakkan, like the rest of the Middle East, has a scorching climate, with noontime temperatures exceeding 40 degrees Celsius. During these years of the year, the nights are hot and moist.

How To Reach Khor Fakkan?

Khor Fakkan is approximately 135 kilometers east of Sharjah, and the only way to get there from Sharjah is by personal automobile or taxi. Make the journey along the Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Road towards Maliha Highway S116 to get there.

From Sharjah:

Once you’ve entered Path S116, stick with that until you approach the Yabsa Bypass Road (near signboards for Route S89). To approach Khor Fakkan City, proceed a short distance and turn right onto Route E99. If traffic conditions are expected, it will take approximately 90 seconds to find the metropolis from Sharjah.

From Dubai:

Continue on Ras Al Khor Road / Route E44 until you reach Sharjah–Kalba Road / Route E102. To get to the Yabsa Bypass Road, take Route E102 south from there. The route to Khor Fakkan metropolis is the same now as it is from Sharjah. Dubai is approximately 153 kilometers west of Khor Fakkan, but it requires approx 2 hours to travel from Dubai to Khor Fakkan.

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Khor Fakkan Tour FAQ’S

Because Khor Fakkan can get crowded, we recommend purchasing e-tickets ahead of time to ensure your spot. You can cancel your tour at least 24 hours, even before the launch date, and receive a refund.

Because Khorfakkan is located on the seaside, water activities are by far the most common. Visitors can also visit the relaxing spas in Fujairah hotels and the nearby Al Badiyah Masjid.
Khorfakkan seaside, as you’ll see, is all about sea species. If you appreciate such events, take a look at our in-depth guide.

There are many various means of transport available. You have the option of driving, taking a taxi, or taking a bus. Because public transportation in Khorfakkan is limited, driving your car is the best option.

Fujairah is located 12 kilometers from Khor fakkan, Sharjah is 92 kilometres from Khor fakkan, Ajman is 83 kilometres from Khor fakkan, Ras al khaimah is 63 kilometres from Khor fakkan, and Dubai is 108 kilometres from Khor fakkan.