Hatta Tour From Dubai

Hatta Tour From Dubai gives you an enticing and enthralling experience, so join us today. Our associate at your hotel loosens up into your cooled 4×4 Land Cruiser, and afterward your whole excursion into the Hajar Mountains and Hatta Mountains begins. Your Hatta Tour Dubai would be private, so the plan can be custom fitted to your cravings.

Hatta Tour allows you to look as the scenes change from open ranges to edges and the harsh lower locales of the Hatta Mountains in our exciting Hatta Tour. Hear from your assistant with regards to Hatta Dubai itself, an old state known for its actual fortification and rock pools subsided into the Hatta Mountain Safari.

Hatta Dubai offers an impasse in the tour, around here at this end you can dine in a barbecue dinner, breakfast and you may continue to Jebel Maleihah. This is nicknamed Fossil Rock and you can join in it with our captivating Hatta Tour From Dubai. This unpleasant outcrop looms from the sands and is named after the old marine fossils embedded in its grades.

Things To Do In Hatta:

Assuming you may wish to go on an amazing jaunt just about an astounding native environment stacked with trips and wonders of strength then congratulations you are impeccably situated. We will give you the best Hatta Tour of your dreams. Here we have different Things To Do in Hatta Tour for you, for example;

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Hatta Tour Deals 2022

We are offering 3 most demanding Hatta tour packages for our beloved customers

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Basic Package

From 115 AED / $32

Package Includes:

Door Step Pick & Drop, Basic All Inclusions with Unlimited Fun

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Advance Package

From 180 AED / $49

Package Includes:

Door Step Pick & Drop , Basic All Inclusions with Unlimited Fun + Kayaking

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Premium Package

From 299 AED / $82

Package Includes:

Door Step Pick & Drop , Basic All Inclusions with Unlimited Fun+ Kayaking + Lunch

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Know Before You Go on a Hatta Mountain Safari in Dubai:

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Things to do in Hatta
Hatta Wadi Center

Hatta Wadi Hub is a must-see if you’re looking for adventure. This primary function facility is surrounded by hills and provides a wide range of activities and excitement. Alpine racing, zorbing, human slings shot, ax tossing, shooting, mid-air jumps, thrill rope climbs, rock climbing are just a few of the activities available. Kayaking and trekking trails in the surrounding regions can also be arranged through the center.

Mountain biking

Hatta is one of the best cities in the world for two-wheeled exploration. The Hatta Mountain Bike Club has built about 50 kilometers of biking trails that cover various landscapes and lengths. Learners should start with the green routes, which are the easiest, while specialists should attempt the black paths. If you bring your bike, cycling is free, and the trailhead center is open 24 hours a day with car parking so that you may leave your car there. The experts at Hatta Wadi Hub can assist you with renting a bike or receiving expert training.

Horse ride through the mountains

Riding a horse will provide you with a unique perspective of the Hatta mountainscape. Hatta Golden Horses provides Arabian horseback trips at dawn and dusk. But if you’ve never ridden a horse previously, the trips are safe for you. Riding is suspended throughout the season and resumed in October.

Hatta Honey Bee Garden

Hatta Honey Bee Gardens is one of the region’s best-kept mysteries and is well worth visiting. This serene garden is the region’s first queen bee raising site, and it’s best reached via 4×4 or very carefully in any other transport. Put on your honeybee outfits and join the professionals in the yard to learn everything there is to know about honeybees. You’ll visit the several types of trees that generate honey, see numerous nests, and have the option to participate in candle-making or honeycomb structure workshops in addition to having up close with the bugs.

Kayak on the Dam

A journey on Hatta Reservoir allows you to see Hatta from the waterway. This is the ideal spot for a day of water-based pleasure, as it is stunningly bright and flanked by rugged rocky torrents. Hire a kayak, paddle canoe, or aquatic bike and fly across the blue water. Alternatively, arrange a sailboat with a driver who will inform you about the area’s remarkable things.

Visit Hatta Heritage Village

Visitors who wish to experience living in the Emirates in the not-too-distant past flock to Hatta Historical Site. This rebuilt ancient village is one of the nation’s earliest villages. Two watchtowers, a typical fort, exist amid beautifully restored stone dwellings and water systems. Also, good traditional images depict Hatta’s cultural heritage and an exhibition with historical tools and weaponry on display. A beautiful illustration of the historic falaj irrigation system may be found near the Al Sharia tree plantation.

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Hatta Tour FAQ’S

The pick-up and drop-off times for Sharing transfers can be adjusted by 30 to 60 minutes according to the journey itinerary, based on traffic circumstances and your location.

Seating for shared transfers is determined by availability and is determined by the guide at boarding.

There will be no refunds for partially used services, and the service provider maintains the right to charge a 100% no-show fee if the guest does not show up at the start time specified in the tour itinerary.

We suggest carrying your caps, water bottle, and walking shoes for better enjoyment.

No, there are no additional charges, but any item that is broken or damaged will be invoiced at cost.

Children from 1 to 3 years are free to accompany their parents on tour.