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Dubai City Tour gives multiple stances, events, and more, so join our best deals for the UAE’s most inviting tour. However, seek the startling outlooks over the city with our City Sightseeing Dubai from the feeling deck of the inviting and famous great Burj Khalifa. It’s the world’s tallest structure, that you will get to see with our Dubai Sightseeing trip.

City Tour Dubai helps in viewing the great rise 125 stories for an all-entailing view around the entire city. Likewise, accept the quickest lift in the world with the best Dubai Tours, as you climb the famous Burj Arab high rise in Sightseeing Dubai. On the other hand, we will take you to the Burj Khalifa, holding the title of the tallest edifice in the world the Dubai City Tour Packages.

Dubai Sightseeing Tour sightseeing tour helps in finding out about the amazing engineering and design, and art behind this symbol of Arab while seeing outlooks on the city through one of the telescopes on the deck in our decent City Tour Dubai. Moreover, you can buy a keepsake photo taken at the entry of the 125th floor.

Things To Do In Dubai

Seek the Arabian old city Dubai and get to know the perfect Things To Do in Dubai and the energetic new city on this incredible half-day-directed City Tour Dubai. Later, start in the old town with us and then visit the amazing Al Fahidi Inn, and Gallery.

Further, you can cross startling Dubai Creek point by abra to the Dubai Gold and Flavor souk in our Dubai City Tour. In addition, we will make a stop there for you to take photographs of the Burj Al Arab and other city stances. Later, must watch the Dubai Wellspring show with music playing on the Burj Khalifa vision decks.

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Dubai City Tour Deals 2023

We are offering 2 most demanding Dubai city tour packages for our beloved customers.

burj al arab view

Basic Package

From 150 AED / $41

Package Includes:

Shared Bus Pick & Drop, Tour guide, Sightseeing in Dubai

dubai city tour

Advance Package

From 300 AED / $82

Package Includes:

4×4 Car Pick & Drop, Tour guide, Sightseeing in Dubai

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Dubai City Tour FAQ's

Smoking is prohibited in all government buildings, venues, and workplaces in Dubai, including retail centers, hospitals, buses, and train lines. However, you can still smoke because there are official smoking sites in Dubai.

The guide for this Dubai Trip is proficient in Speaking English and local languages.

This Dubai Travel Guide does not include lunch. Meals must be paid for individually.

You may wear whatever you like for your Dubai Tours if you visit a location with a uniform code. Sleeveless, short-sleeved shirts and ankle skirts, trousers, or fitting outfits are acceptable.

The weather in Dubai is pleasant and bright all year. It has two distinct seasons: summertime (hot and severe) and winter (cold and powerful). During summertime, the mean temperature increases to 41.5 °C throughout the day, while the mean temperature at night ranges from Thirty to 32 °C.
In during winter months, the average daytime temperature reaches 25 °C, with nighttime temperatures up from 12 °C (54 °F) to 15 °C (59 °F) near the seashore. The mean temperature in the desert region dips to 5 °C (41 °F), keeping nights pleasant all year.

Dubai’s weather has been either hot or colder. The winter season lasts from October to April, and it is the most delicate time to visit this magnificent city. The weather is excellent, with bright sunshine and ideal beach temps for recreational activities. Mild rains are possible at this time, but they add to the pleasure of the journey, making it memorable.